Hey I’m back and here’s how to get free club penguin memberships without hacking!

Go to prizerebel.com

Sign up with fake info except your email.

Do a couple of surveys till you get 6 or something points.

Go to the prizes available and you should be able to get a cp membership!

(This also works with XBL memberships, wii games, etc)

And remember to join on the join page and if you join please stay active.

Also, patrol our base server (Blizzard) when you’re on and say search Club Penguin Spartans or Join Club Penguin Spartans here, stuff like that.

We Fight For Your Freedom.




Hey penguins. I’m just letting you know that the FCP and The Best Cheats For Club Penguin Co. is moving to http://allcheatsforclubpenguin.wordpress.com.

Yes, this is Eggyeggs’s site but since he quit I’m gonna, well, use it.

Peace Out


Hey everyone! I’m going to my dads,but not for too long.
I’ll be back soon,but I can’t give you any news while I’m away
When I get back,be ready for a MONSTER of a post


Oh, and watch my new music video

Hey everyone! There’s been a lot of exciting stuff going on lately! Here’s what’s new on Club Penguin:

First off, there’s a pirate party for Rockhopper! Woohoo!

The pin is a treasure chest! It is located at the Ski Village. Just move your cursor over the X sign until it appears!
Pirate Pin

The free item is the sailor’s hat. It is exactly the same free item as last years, it’s in the plaza.

Don’t forget to check out the decorations around Club Penguin! In some rooms, the decorations are exactly the same as last year’s pirate party.

There is a new sports shop catalog: Snow & Sports April ‘08. It’s baseball themed!!

The baseball background has returned!
Baseball bg returns!

There are 3 new clothing items!

* Blue Baseball Uniform: 600 Coins/ Red Baseball Uniform: 600 Coins
Blue.Red Baseball Jerseys
* Baseball Gloves: 300 Coins
Baseball Glove
There are also 3 new furniture items:

* Baseball Base: 100 Coins
Baseball Plate
* Home Plate: 150 Coins
Home Plate

* Cricket Wickets: 225 Coins
Cricket Wickets

How to find the silver surfboard: (Same Old, Same Old)

1. Go at the Surfboards Page.
2. Click on the green penguin. His surfboard will change.
3. Now, click on the starfish. It will glow.
4. Click on the stone. It will glow too, and the silver surfboard will appear.
Silver Surfboard

Rockhopper’s Items:

There’s a Black and Red version of the “Sailors Shirt”. (Yeah,ANOTHER version):Free!
Black and Red Sailors Shirt

There’s another item which is the “Rare Flower Pot”. 300 Coins

Rare Flower Pot

The new room is Rockhopper’s quarters! The key is in the back of his journal,in the book room,in the library. (The Book Room is located on the second floor of the coffee shop,which is in the town) You can wear the key as a pin!
Rh Journal
Rh Journal 2
Rh Journal 3

Rockhopper’s Quarters:
Rh Quarters

How to get up to “Crows Nest”:

“Crows Nest”: It’s got a cannon!

Rockhopper’s Note:

RH Note

Mission 7 Walkthrough:

1. Talk to G. He will explain any and all the problems with the click.

2. Click the monitor of the snow forts that G is pointing to. Notice that a polar bear and a crab will break the clock. Click the corner to exit the clock.

3. Talk to G again. G wants you to find the parts in order to repair the clock.

4. Go into the gadget room and take the Life Guard rescue tube off the shelf. Put it into your inventory.

5. Open up your map and proceed to the dock. Talk to the blue penguins team. Keep clicking on the top of the message so they will let you play a game.

6. How to play the game: To play, you must click and hold the mouse until the bar goes up into the red zone. As soon as it reaches the red zone, let go. Next aim with your mouse and shoot the target. Remember, that the target moves so shoot a little bit ahead of wear the target is going. It takes the snowball longer to travel than where the penguin is from you.

7. Once you win, they will give you the target. Give them back the rescue tube so they can continue to play.

8. Next proceed on to the HQ. Talk to G and notify him that you have to use the Electromagnetic 3000. He will tell you that the combination is, “Key.”

9. Go to the invention cabinet which is left of the entrance into the gadget room. At the bottom of the screen, their is a code. Decode the word, “Key” into the Secret Agent Code and input it into the lock.

10. The lock should open it you have done everything correctly. Now pick up the Magnetron 3000 and go to the Iceberg.

11. Go to the left until you see a “spring-in-an-ice cube” floating in the ocean. Using the Magnetron, pull it out of the water. Put both objects into your inventory.

12. Now go back to the HQ. Go into the gadget room. Take out the ice cube and place onto the test chamber. Pull the red lever and than press the flame button. Now pull the lever again and pick up the spring.

13. Now open your map and go into the town. Talk to rookie and ask him for a poster of the Prime Gear. Place it into your inventory.

14. Go to the Ski Village and talk to the penguins there. They will talk about how the type of snow matters. They will also mention that the Snow Forts has the best snow.

15. Open your map, and go to the Snow Forts. Fill up the green bucket with snow. (Green Bucket at the beach.)

16. Go to the beach and talk to the “yellow” penguin on the chair. He says that he gave a yellow penguin a drawing of a chair and the yellow puffle made it for him. Pick up the green bucket thats next to him on the ground.

17. Open up your map and go to the Plaza. Go inside the Pizza Parlor.

18. Take/pick up the sheet of music lying on the floor next to the piano. Place into your inventory.

19. Leave the pizza parlor and go into the stage. Click on the piano at the stage. Put the sheet of music onto the piano stand. Play the colored notes in order as it says on the music sheet. (Go from left to right when reading of the sheet.) The yellow puffle that is hiding will love it, and will come out from hiding.

20. Now give the puffle the picture of the gear. Next give it the bucket of snow. It will construct a replica of the gear. Place the gear into your inventory.

21. Go back to the gadget room at the HQ.

22. Place the gear onto the Test Chamber. Pull the lever and push the snow flake button. Then pull the lever once again. Take out the hardened gear.

23. Open the map, and go to the Snow Forts. Click on the clock at the snow forts to get behind it. Place the gear in the middle, the “spring” on the upper left, and the target on the outside (on top of the pole). Now exit/leave the clock.

24. The construction worker will cheer. You will get a call on your Spy Agent Phone from the polar bear. He says he underestimated you and that destroying the clock was just a distraction for his so called, “Master Plan.”

25. Go back to the HQ and talk to G. Completed/exit the mission and claim your prizes (Metal and Gift.)
(Thanks Chewy Pup 4 da guide.)

Party Time! Party Time:
Me and the team are having a Rockhopper party!
Here’s the info:


Day: Saturday, 3rd of May

Server: Mammoth, US Flag

Room: Dock (We will be moving around like a parade)


Pacific Standard Time (Club Penguin Time): 7am

Eastern Standard: 10am

Central: 9am

British Time (GMT): 3pm

Athens Time: 5pm

Hope to see ya there!


Club Penguin is bigger! Everything, it’s like zoomed in! And if you go on
It’s awesome!

Well,thats all for now.

Peace Out!


Hey penguins! Rockhopper is back! And so am I!
I forgot to say I was going away to my dads and that means I missed so much news!
Anyway,Rockhopper is back, the sports catalog got updated, and I got to go cause I’m signing up for soccer! So I’ll post the secrets, free items, etc, in 5-10 hours.


* Club Penguin has a new logo:

Cp New Logo

* The log in screen is a quite dark blue:

Dark Blue Log-on

* When you click on the question mark (?) on Club Penguin, you can find a link to manage your account from there. (become a member, change password, ultimate safe chat mode, etc.)

Manage Account

* The servers are faster:
Fast Server

I suppose you’re wondering where your prize is,right?

Well Club Penguin are saying that they have to add a New Feature to give it to us.

Maybe this new feature is a gift option? Or a Club Penguin Trading Post? lol

Here’s a list of the things on Club Penguin now.

(Sorry No Links)
Fun Stuff – Community

Submit your artwork, get new desktop wallpapers, coloring pages and the latest comics. You can access the Club Penguin Blog or The Club Penguin Improvement Project Blog through here, or even vote at the club penguin poll! You can also submit your own fan art! There are also some new cool banners to put on your website or blog! 😉

* The Club Penguin Developers Blog
* Fan Art
* Submit Your Own Fan Art
* Comics
* Activities-Coloring Pages
* Wallpapers
* Banners
* The Club Penguin Poll
* The Club Penguin Improvement Project Blog


Learn about the features and benefits of becoming a member of Club Penguin.
# Why Become A Member?
# Manage Accounts
# Customer Service
# Membership FAQ

Online Shop

Take Club Penguin with you. Check out the shop to see the latest in penguin gear.

* World Wide Shop
* North America Shop

Help & Support

Find answers to the most frequent questions about Club Penguin. Updated weekly.

* Help & Tutorials
o Your Penguin
o Mini Games
o Navigation
o Your Igloo
o Penguin Coins
o Newspaper
o Characters
o Special Roles
o Secrets
o Your Account
o Other Penguins
o Puffles
o Communicating
o Safety
* Frequently Asked Questions
o Become a member
o Cancel my membership
o Find my activation code
o Forgot Password
o Become a moderator
o Club Penguin Rules
o Membership FAQ
o Comments And Questions
* Technical Questions
o I’m asked to clear my cache?
o I’ve cleared my cache, but I’m getting the same error message!
o Remember me does not work?
o Loading takes forever?
o The game is running slowly?
o Some parts of the game aren’t appearing on my screen?
o My connection is slow?
o I need to know how fast my connection should be?
o I can’t connect to the server?
o I have username or password errors?
o I lost my connection?
o I’m not sure what kind of computer I should be using?


Learn more about Club Penguin in this section designed for parents of penguins.
# Club Penguin Guide
# What People Are Saying
# Player Safety
# Global Citizenship

Terms Of Use

Privacy Policy

Manage Your Club Penguin Account

Play Club Penguin

Play Club Penguin Full Size

That’s all for now.


Hi everyone, here I am and I’m back

Let’s get started:

Catalog Secrets:
I don’t have enough time to post pictures so…… Click on the penguins teeth that is holding the ties for the Cheesy Necktie.

Click on the Pot O Gold for the Red Viking Helm. Open and close it 4 times to get the Blue Viking Helm.

Click on the bubble towards the middle of the page on page 6 to get the Green Snorkle.
That’s all the catalog secrets.

The new pin is at the mine shaft, it’s on the bottom left of the shed (Near the water box)

That’s all for now

Peace Out